Carolina Fresh Farms is a family owned operation, their story goes back to the late 1940s when John “Tony” Fogle, a returning WWII veteran, bought a small farm of less than 100 acres near South Carolina rail road town of Neeses.

Tony started out farming cotton, corn and soy beans. Always a wily entrepreneur and business man, he kept his eyes out for viable opportunities to expand and diversify.

Branching into Grass
Fresh Farms first encounter with cultivating grass was in the 1960s when the dairy industry needed hay. Tony acquired land to cultivate coastal Bermuda and laid the foundation for what is today one of the biggest sod businesses in the south.

Now, with three thousand acres under irrigation at two farms, Neeses in South Carolina and the smaller Green Creek farm in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, Carolina Fresh Farms cultivates and supplies 6 different varieties of sod. They supply the domestic, commercial and sports markets all year round.

Trimax Pegasus is Part of the Equation
With their sod operation covering enough ground to house 2,718 football fields, Carolina Fresh Farms places a premium on reliable equipment. They wouldn’t be without their 7 Trimax Pegasus mowers.

As Johnny Fogle, Andy’s son and one of the CFF owners says “We run ‘em 8 to 9, 10 hours a day…5 to 5 and a half days a week. There’s no comparison to the other brands we were using.”

The Trimax Superior Cut Impacts Profits
Apart from their legendary reliability, the Pegasus mowers also give a better cut. Johnny says “We think that our sod is better now than it was before because…with the blades like this and all, it does a better job of mowing the grass.”

This has a direct impact on the businesses bottom line because as Johnny explains, achieving a good finish with the mowers improves root growth. “You don’t want it to grow up this a way, so the better job you do mowing it the roots grow better. It enables you to harvest your sod earlier – and that’s the name of the game. As quick as you can plant it and harvest it, it’s gonna have a lot to do with your profits.”

Minimal Maintenance
Running any agricultural equipment between eight to ten hours a day, five days a week one would expect maintenance to be an issue. According to Johnny, this is not the case with the Trimax Pegasus machines.

“Some of our 7 Trimax Pegasus mowers have been running for 10 years now. Same ones, and no plan on replacing”. Comparing them to other brands he has experienced, Johnny’s comment was “The other brands wouldn’t even last five years. You know I’ve got three or four junk ones out there right now that I can’t even give away.”

Same Again, Please
Since buying their first Pegasus in 2008, Carolina Fresh Farms have bought another six. The ruggedness and amazingly low maintenance requirements make them the ideal, cost effective, machine for the never-ending mowing requirements of sod production.

Carolina Fresh Farms and Johnny in particular, swear by their Trimax Pegasus machines, “I’ve seen just about every brand made and I don’t think there’s any brand close to em.” He adds “I recommend it to anybody who wants to buy,,, who needs a quality mower, they ought to buy it.”

Trimax Mowing Systems are proud to be held in such high regard and recommended by turf farmers like Carolina Fresh Farms and owners like Johnny and Andy Fogle.

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