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The Trimax Snake Takes Florida Golf Courses by Storm

Golf courses across Florida are choosing the Trimax Snake – powering performance with a dream machine.

As you’ll see, on the Trimax website, in the recently released video “Trimax Snake Transforming Golf Courses Across Florida USA!” the Snake is a highly impressive sports turf and golf course mower. If you asked a financial manager, a course supervisor and a workshop manager to put their heads together and design their ultimate fairways and roughs mowing machine, you would be wasting their time. Trimax has already done it. For over 38 years, Trimax has been designing, building and improving their mowing systems with customer input a critical component. Quality of cut is paramount, but it must be achieved consistently and cost-effectively.

Mowing over undulating turf, next to bunkers, lakes and other obstacles must be precise, quick and simple. So, wherever possible, tasks like weed eating are almost eliminated. Cleaning, storing and maintenance of the mower must also be fast and efficient.

The Trimax Snake ticks all these boxes and more. Here are comments from some of the customers who have first-hand experience of these benefits.


David Dore-Smith – Copperleaf Golf Club, Bonita Springs

David Dore-Smith is the Director of Golf Course and Grounds Maintenance at the prestigious Copperleaf Golf Club in Bonita Springs. He is also a former Vice President of the Florida Golf Course Superintendents Association.

With his wealth of experience, Dore-Smith knows exactly what to look for when buying new equipment. He found the Trimax Snake impressive from the outset.“After seeing the demonstration here on the golf course I immediately saw the benefits of the speed that we mow the rough, the quality of cut, the ease of use and obviously the economics, it was very well priced.”

Dore-Smith has found the cut and finish to be of an extremely high standard. “The blades that this machine uses create a very fine clipping, and those clippings are then very easily dispersed throughout the grass. We’ve found that we don’t need to follow behind the Snake with a dedicated blower and another employee to distribute the grass clippings.”

Ease of operation and ease of maintenance are additional benefits Dore-Smith has found in using the Snake. Deck height can be easily adjusted to within millimeters of one’s desired height and it’s a very simple and quick process to either sharpen or change out the blades.

Dore-Smith says that for anyone looking to upgrade their current fleet of rough mowers he would encourage them to look carefully at the Trimax Snake – “I believe that you’ll be as impressed as I’ve been.”


Bryce Gibson – Interlachen Country Club, Winter Park Florida

At the Interlachen Country Club in Winter Park, Golf Course Superintendent Bryce Gibson says the Trimax Snake has a big advantage over the heavier self-contained units. He says the Snake is fast, more fuel-efficient and less time is spent cleaning the golf course in front of member play. It was taking 8 hours to mow all 70 acres, now they finish in 6 – a saving of 25% on time.

On cost effectiveness Gibson says, “Between buying a brand new tractor and the Trimax Snake we saved probably about 5% of what we would have spent on a self propelled all contained unit”.

The three decks of the Snake articulate independently, allowing it to mow evenly without scalping. Gibson adds, “Just the ease and how it flows over the humps… we can just kind of snake over the top of it.”


Andy Maguire – St. Johns Golf and Country Club, St. Augustine, Florida

Andy Maguire is the Golf Course Superintendent at St. Johns Golf and Country Club in St. Augustine. He is impressed with the ease of operation and efficiency of the Snake. “It does exceptionally well along slopes, lake banks and around bunkers – we’ve pretty much eliminated any trim work that needs to be done out here other than a little bit of weed eating.”

Regarding agility and manoeuvrability Maguire said the Snake will turn on a dime when they’re working in tight places and tee complexes. He added that they find the QuikLift feature very useful and the ability of the Snake to completely fold up makes it far more compact and manoeuvrable than their prior units. “You go out in the morning and before you know it you’ve got three or four holes done.… it’s revolutionary!”



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For more info on the Trimax Snake or to book a free demo visit trimaxmowers.com/snake

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