Trimax Mowing System’s client Modern Turf has made a clear statement in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.  The South Carolina company confronted breast cancer head-on when one of their own, Jennifer Haunert, wife of Modern Turf’s VP, BJ Haunert, was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease. The staff and owners of Modern Turf rallied round the Haunerts, giving their total support. Inspired by Jennifer’s courage and positive attitude in combatting her breast cancer, the company branded one of their Trimax Pegasus turf mowers with the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s colours and logo. To help boost the message carried by the mower, Trimax has released a video of the project: 


Branding the equipment in support of breast cancer awareness was Maintenance Manager, David Strickland’s idea. He was inspired by Jennifer’s attitude to her diagnosis and subsequent treatment:  “It was impressive to see someone so up about something that could be so bad.” “I felt like I should do something to bring awareness to other people and hopefully other people can have her same upbeat attitude about it.” Jennifer was given the all clear after five surgeries and was overwhelmed when the newly reconditioned mower was unveiled at the company’s Christmas party. She said it was an honour to have a company that was willing to bring awareness to breast cancer.

David went to great lengths to see everything was done properly. The National Breast Cancer Foundation was consulted to ensure the exact colour was used. With about 29 000 shades of pink to go wrong with, the paint was professionally mixed to guarantee accuracy. The result was perfect.

Breast Cancer is the leading cause of cancer related death in women worldwide. Experts say greater awareness and early detection is critical to the survival of people diagnosed with breast cancer.  If more people knew about the disease, the death rate could be reduced by about 30% – in real terms, over 400 000 lives could be saved every year.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation ( is based in Texas, USA and operates worldwide, promoting awareness and education.

Trimax Mowers is a Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To view the “Think Pink” video visit the Trimax Mowing Systems YouTube channel or their Facebook page

Trimax Snake Demo Video US from Trimax Mowing Systems on Vimeo.

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