The Trimax ProCut Series 3 is a highly versatile roller mower. This robust machine has been engineered to withstand everyday use in the toughest commercial environments, yet will deliver a reel like cut – every time.

ProCut has been a successful part of the Trimax range for nearly 30 years, mowing parks & reserves, school grounds and sports fields throughout the world. The ProCut S3 offers new features, improved performance and is easier to maintain, yet retains many of the aspects that set the original apart from the competition.

That makes the ProCut S3 to one of the best sports mowers on the market.

Talk to us today about the capabilities of ProCut S3 in your environment.

Product Specifications

  P3 178 P3 210 P3 237 P3 290
Cutting Width 1740 mm (68.5″) 2060 mm (81″) 2316 mm (91″) 2890 mm (114″)
Overall Width 1884 mm (74″) 2200 mm (87″) 2460 mm (97″) 3130 mm (123″)
Height 1085 mm (43”) 1085 mm (43”) 1085 mm (43”) 1085 mm (43”)
Cut Height Range 10-110 mm
10-110 mm
10-110 mm
10-110 mm
No. of Blade Spindles 3 3 4 5
Approx Weight 1109 lb 1248 lb 1358 lb 1570 lb
Minimum Tractor Size 30 hp 36 hp 40 hp 45 hp
Warranty (Years) 3 3 3 3

Product Features

  • year-warranty
    3 Year Warranty

    We aim to build mowers that last and we back this up with a 3 year warranty which includes the spindles and gearboxes. Our robust design coupled with our experienced service and support network ensures minimum downtime and more productivity.

  • low-maintenance
    Multiple Spindles

    Over the past 30 years Trimax has mastered the art of high performance multi-spindle mowers. ProCut S3 spindles have smaller diameter blades that give more cuts per metre, clean cutting at high ground speeds. This adds up to better productivity and an exceptional finish.

  • safety
    Full Width Rollers

    Large diameter front and rear rollers on the ProCut S3 follow contours and support the mower across its entire width, providing excellent anti-scalp protection. The mower decks are able to be hung over kerbs and run across concrete areas with no fear of blade strikes.

  • lazerblandez

    LazerBladez™ are fitted to enhance the clean cutting ability of the ProCut S3. The tilt-forward design of LazerBladez™, which is unique to Trimax, minimises hang back in tough conditions and the flull-length cutting edge ensures that a clean cut is achieved even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made from a special alloy steel which provides a greater durability needed in commercial mowing operations.

  • advance-design
    Grease Free Spindles

    To ensure optimum efficiency, the PegasusS3 is fitted with grease free spindles. This removes the tedious task of regular greasing giving you more time out cutting

Product Options

  • Quattro Blade System

    This system adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 flat, 2 upturned) for a finer cut on warm season grasses. (Currently unavailable on the 210 model).

  • Front Mount

    ProCut S3 can be specified in a special front mount configuration.

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“The ProcutS3 is a great mower. I mow 19 schools at 40mm and the schools always comment on how nice the grounds look. I mow fast and the spread is great. I’d recommend Trimax to anyone!”

 Allen Coe

School contractor


 Allen Coe

School contractor

“The ProcutS3 is a great mower. I mow 19 schools at 40m View Full →


“The school has had Trimax mowers for over 10 years now. They produce a pristine finish every time on both the cricket pitch and the rugby field. We’re completely happy with them and we wouldn’t look at another mower. ”

 Chris Harris

Tauranga Boys College NZ


 Chris Harris

Tauranga Boys College NZ

“The school has had Trimax mowers for over 10 years now View Full →