Benefits of LocTEK

The Stubless Roller Retention System Unique to Trimax for Vastly Increased Bearing Life, Roller Retention and Minimised Maintenance.

Benefit 1

Vastly Increases Roller Retention and Strength

Vastly Increases Roller Retention and Strength

  • Significantly reduces roller misalignment
  • No more collar lock / grub screw retention systems
  • Uses a high tensile bolt for retention protected in a zinc sleeve
  • Features a patent pending locking mechanism
  • New extra strength tri-bolt bearing housing
  • Improves overall deck strength
Benefit 1

Easy replacement and lower maintenance costs

Easy replacement and low maintenance costs

  • No more re-machining of roller stubs
  • No need to purchase a full roller just to replace a roller stub
  • LocTEK bearings can be replaced in as little as 15 minutes per bearing
  • No specialist tools required
  • Independent LocTEK system parts available for purchase ensuring cost savings
Benefit 1

Increased Bearing Life

Increased Bearing Life

  • Reduces roller bearing oscillation which causes premature wear
  • Vastly increased resistance against horizontal loading
  • Significantly reduces bearing replacement frequency
Benefit 1

More Forgiving Roller Dome Profile

More Forgiving Roller Dome Profile

  • Softer roller profile reduces turf damage from roller drag
  • More forgiving on turf for increased yield
  • Clever convex ridge prohibits the pooling of water around roller bearings when roller is in transport mode

LocTek is now available on selected mowers


Pegasus has become the benchmark in turf and sod mowing as well as sports field mowing around the world. With low maintenance costs, a wide range of options to suit your application and available in cut widths ranging from 16 – 24′ you can’t go past a Trimax Pegasus.

Procut S4

The ProCut has been part of the Trimax range for over 30 years and can be found on high profile turf applications around the world including the grounds of Windsor Castle in the UK. Engineered to withstand everyday use in the toughest commercial environments the ProCut Series 4 is excellence refined and is easier to operate and maintain than ever before.


With a total cutting width of 34’ the X-WAM will increase your productivity and efficiency using only one tractor, one driver, and one mower. X-WAM has the ability to perform zero-turns without having to lift any of the mower decks and has superior undulation following capability making this machine the ultimate wide area mower.

LocTEK can be purchased as a retrofit system specifically developed for conversions of stubbed bearing systems on selected mowers. Get in touch and minimise your maintenance today!

  • New Zealand Pat. App. 737217
  • Australian Pat. App. 2016250934
  • UK Pat. App. 1718763.4
  • US Pat. App. 15/567,875

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