The Stealth S3 has been designed to have a higher quality of cut, operate in a wider range of conditions, be safer, more robust, easier to operate and take less time to maintain than any previous Stealth.

Backed by 30 years experience in the market, the concept of Stealth S3 was born from the demand of our customers for a mower that was more versatile in terms of long grass performance and is more user friendly for both the operator and the workshop.

Backed by our three year warranty and UK based parts and technical support, we believe the Stealth S3 to be the best linkage wing mower for passive and active turf in the market.
Ask us how Stealth S3 can transform your environment.

Product Specifications

  Stealth S3  
Cutting Width 3400 mm (134″)  
Overall Width 3550 mm (140″)  
Width (Transport Mode) 2416 mm (95.2″)  
Height (Transport Mode) 1205 mm (47.5″)  
Cut Height Range 10-90 mm (0.4″-3.5″)  
No. of Blade Spindles 5  
Approx Weight 940 kg (2070 lb)  
Minimum Tractor Size 55 hp  
Warranty (Years) 3  

Product Features

  • year-warranty
    3 Year Warranty

    We aim to build mowers that last and we back this up by a 3 year warranty which includes the spindles and gearboxes. Our robust design coupled with our experienced service and support network ensures minimum downtime and more productivity.

  • lazerblandez

    StealthS2 is fitted with our carefully engineered Trimax LazerBladez™, featuring fling-tip blades with an altered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. Utilising the LazerBladez™ full length cutting edge, Stealth produces always clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

  • lazerblandez

    Trimax’s unique CLAWS (Controlled Link Active Wing-bounce Suppression) system, wing movement can be damped to hold the wings in contact with the ground when mowing large flat areas or set to allow unrestricted float over undulating ground without bouncing.

  • lazerblandez
    Safe Rollers

    Roller-mowers are significantly safer than non-roller rotary mowers as thrown debris is contained within the cutting chamber. The rollers also allow operators to confidently mow along pathways, kerbs or the edges of banks, reducing the need for other mowing operations. Small ‘bubble’ rollers located at the front of the wings are set just clear of the ground to provide anti-scalp protection without affecting the cut.

Product Options

  • Dual or Individual Wing Lift

    Individual wing lift feature to lift either the left or right decks independently.

  • Front Mount

    Front mount option available.

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“We have been very impressed with the Stealth 2. It is a high output, reliable, low maintenance, easy to operate machine. Four ingredients that all operators are looking for. This machine has done a lot of work at Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit prior to the British Grand Prix and we have had positive feedback on the striping and quality of cut.”

 Complete Groundcare Management Ltd



 Complete Groundcare Management Ltd


“We have been very impressed with the Stealth 2. It is View Full →