Ultimate wide area mowing when quality counts.

The X-WAM™ has superior contour following abilities based on the unique combination of individually floating decks and articulated axis. With the potential to cut 33 acres per hour and the ability to perform zero-turns without having to lift any of the mower decks, the X-WAM™ will increase your productivity using one tractor, one driver, and one mower to cut 2/3 more area with a reel-like cut finish. This is wide area mowing at its best.

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“There’s only one proven wide area mower…”

Product Specifications

  X-WAM 1040  
Cutting Width 10410 mm (410″)  
Overall Width 10540 mm (415″)  
Width (Transport Mode) 2740 mm (108″)  
Overall Length 5830 mm (229”)  
Cut Height Range 10-110 mm (⅜”-4½”)  
No. of Blade Spindles 19  
Approx Weight 10,758 lb  
Minimum Tractor Size 90 hp  
Warranty (Years) 3  

Product Features

  • year-warranty
    3 Year Warranty

    We aim to build mowers that last and we back this up by a 3 year warranty which also includes the spindles and gearboxes. Our robust design coupled with our experienced service and support network ensure minimum downtime and more productivity.

  • lazerblandez

    X-WAM™ is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a carefully engineered blade system with an altered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. Utilising the LazerBladez™ full length cutting edge, X-WAM™ produces a clean finish even when mowing at high ground speeds. LazerBladez™ are made with high grade alloy steel providing a significant increase in blade and bolt life for added safety and lower operating costs.

  • advance-design
    Low Maintenance

    Ease of maintenance and reliability are engineered into the X-WAM™ design. All moving surfaces have long life synthetic bushes or greasable bearings. Remote grease points are centralised and raising the mower decks provides unobstructed access to the mower under-body for safe and hassle-free maintenance.

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“Trimax X-WAM is great equipment for our sod farm. The Xwam allowed us to remove one tractor and operator and reduced mowing time. Less equipment to maintain and less equipment expense has increased our profitability.”

Hope Plantation Sod Farm




Hope Plantation Sod Farm



“Trimax X-WAM is great equipment for our sod farm. The View Full →