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Trimax Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Trimax Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

In 2021, Trimax Mowing Systems is celebrating our 40th anniversary – that’s 40 years of innovation, service, and leadership in commercial mowing solutions.

Where has the time gone?

In the last 40 years, Trimax has grown from a seven-person workshop into an international success story.

Innovation has been at the very heart of the company since it was founded by Bob Sievwright in 1981. He was looking for a way to share his revolutionary Gamma Flail design, the first high-efficiency flail available on the market. Trimax was formed from an amalgamation of local flail mower manufacturers and, with the implementation of the Gamma Flail, quickly became a mowing solutions leader in the burgeoning kiwifruit industry in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty.

In 1983 Trimax joined forces with Procut Engineering, founded by Jim McEwen, to market their low-profile rotary mowers and in 1985 purchased the company to round out the Trimax product line. With both flail and rotary mowers in their range, Trimax was ready to grow and expand into new markets.

Today Trimax operates facilities and teams in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our flail and rotary mowers can be found maintaining turf to a high standard around the world.

Celebrate with us!

40 years of operation is quite an achievement, and we’re proud to mark this anniversary together as a global team with our Trimax family of dealers and customers.

Throughout the year we’ll share stories and insights from Trimax team members who have been with the business from the beginning. We’re excited to show you how far we’ve come and to share some exclusive previews of what’s up ahead for Trimax.

We invite you to join us as we look back on our history and as we look forward to what the next 40 years will bring. You’ll see we’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves – follow us on social media to join the celebration!

Auto Belt Tensioners Reduce Snake Maintenance

Auto Belt Tensioners Reduce Snake Maintenance

Trimax Mowing Systems have introduced an auto belt tensioning system for the Snake rotary mower, designed to improve performance and cut downtime.

The system ensures that the correct belt tension is always applied during operation thus improving drive to the spindles.

Now there is no risk of fitting the belts in the incorrect configuration due to the design of the idler arm, and no need to keep checking that belts are tensioned correctly.

Customers are assured this new development will boost productivity and ensure a top-quality cut for which the Snake has become renowned.

Not only is this new system fitted to all new Snake models, it is also available as a retrofittable kit allowing existing customers to reap the same benefits. Only basic hand tools and a power drill are all that is required to perform this upgrade

Caroline Shaw, European Marketing Manager at Trimax commented: “We’re very excited to launch this new system for the Snake. It is a popular machine which is transforming green areas around the world. As with all new innovations, the auto belt tension system underwent rigorous testing – 100,000,000 cycles to be precise!”

Trimax Steadfast Spindles Require No Regular Maintenance

Trimax Steadfast Spindles Require No Regular Maintenance

As part of an ongoing development programme, Trimax Mowing Systems have developed a new version of the blade spindle assembly. The new spindle features a sealed bearing system that requires no regular maintenance.

The spindles have been tested in both the laboratory and on selected machines running in rigorous operating conditions. Trimax are confident the new spindles will continue to deliver the outstanding reliability for which the original spindles are renowned, with the added benefit of reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

For existing customers who are currently using the greased spindles, no worries, these new spindles are retrofittable! Simply replace the current spindle with the new SteadFAST Sealed one and remove the grease line to ensure grease is not accidently pumped into the spindle going forward. Easy peasy.

For more information, please watch the video below or give us a call!

Does a higher tip speed always equal a better cut?

Does a higher tip speed always equal a better cut?

Everybody quotes blade tip speed, this is not nearly as important as spindle speed. Blade tip speed is similar across all brands, and some brands are running tip speeds higher than required as the cleanest cut possible is only achievable within a certain speed range. Too fast and power and fuel are wasted, too slow and the grass is torn and damaged. What really matters is how many cuts or rotations the blade achieves per forward yard of travel, which is where spindle speed comes in.

Mower Blade comparison
Additional information about Lazer Bladez

Trimax mowers feature shorter blade beams that enable more spindles to be fitted across the decks for any given cutting width. This keeps the deck compact for better weight distribution and maneuverability.

To maintain the perfect tip speed for cleanly cut grass, these shorter blade beams spin at a higher rate allowing the blade to take a smaller bite (clip) of grass each rotation, ultimately increasing the number of cuts per forward yard. This increased number of cuts is essential for producing a finer cut.

The other benefit is each spindle only has to handle a small volume of grass. This allows for the most effective use of the specialised Trimax airflow design in mixing the cut grass with air for an even spread which is discharged safely and effectively over the rear roller with no windows.

To gain an even greater number of cuts per yard, Trimax offers the patented Quattro Blade Kit on selected models increasing the blades per spindle from two to four, thereby doubling the number of cuts per rotation.

As an option, Quattro can be retrofitted for when an even finer clip of grass is needed. For all fine cut and turf applications, we recommend Quattro blade carriers and your choice of blade combinations including flat and uplift options.

Talk to your Trimax Sales Representative today about the best blade combination to suit your application. You can also book a demo by clicking here, or download our catalog by clicking here.

This article was published in December’s The Cut – a turf industry mowing magazine published by Trimax. To read the full publication, please click here.

Trimax Snake S2 – Powering Performance in Hawaii

Trimax Snake S2 – Powering Performance in Hawaii

Sunny, beautiful, tropical Hawaii is often touted as the next best thing to paradise. For surfers, golfers and holidaymakers, this may be true; but what if you’re a golf course manager tasked with keeping a championship course in pristine condition, week in and week out – like Andy Hagar of Pearl Country Club in Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii?

Andy has over six kilometers, or nearly four miles, of fairways and the accompanying tee complexes, roughs and hazards to take care of.

Luckily Andy has found the solution with effective, reliable equipment that performs day after day.

The Swiss Army Knife of Mowers
There is nothing overtly complicated about mowing grass, but golf courses present a range of challenges that can create time-consuming difficulties and costly repair bills if your equipment isn’t up to the job.

Mowing over rough patches, avoiding scalping on undulating terrain, mowing up to the edges of lakes and bunkers, tight around trees and over roots and fallen branches can all be done with one mower if it has been designed with these obstacles in mind.

Clippings, the inevitable by-product of mowing, can also be dealt with by a mower with the correct blade set-up and venting. Having very fine clippings, dispersed by the mower prevents clogging of the machine and the need to follow up with blowers. This saves time and labor and opens the fairways for a play that much faster.


The Art of Simple
Trimax Mowing systems produce just such machines and they are not complicated. In fact, they are models of simple effectiveness that have their owners raving about their endurance, low maintenance needs, low costs and ease of operation; but most of all they rave about the very high-quality finish they give.

Over thirty years of experience and the art of listening closely to their customers are behind the often-ingenious solutions Trimax has invented from scratch or developed from existing concepts and built into all their products.


Andy Hagar – Director of Golf Course Operations, Pearl Country Club, Hawaii
The Pearl Country Club, which overlooks Pearl Harbor, hosted the Pro Open Golf Tournament for 35 years. Although the Tournament last took place in February 2013, the course is still maintained to the highest standards.

In 2017, the club was in the market for new mowers to maintain their four miles of fairways and the surrounding terrain.
Andy explains why they decided to order a Trimax Snake S2 and a 16ft Pegasus. “We always try…to be careful how we spend our money. And with the Trimax mowers, we’re able to have a reliable rough-cutting unit that’s not going to break down, that’s not going to cost a lot to repair and can get the job done.”

On how the move has worked out for them after two years, he says, “It’s worked out great, I know our mechanic is really happy with the equipment. I believe we’ve changed the belts and some bearings, it’s always ready to go, it hasn’t let us down.”


Self-Protection Built In
The Trimax Snake S2 is a particularly agile mower, which means it does a better job of maintaining the roughs in less time than with other makes of machine.

The design also protects the blades and spindles from damage when working on rough ground. In Andy’s words, “We have a lot of mature trees here and some exposed tree roots on the golf course. Any other mower would get destroyed but the Trimax Snake and the Pegasus, with the big rollers, protects the blades and can really handle some rough terrain and still give you a great quality of cut.”


The Cuts not Over ‘til the Clippings are Sorted
While the quality of the cut is one thing, what happens to the clippings is another. Andy, like all golf club managers using Trimax mowers, is impressed with how clippings are simply not a problem. “The distribution of clippings is much better than most typical mowers. Many times we don’t even have to run a blower behind the Trimax to clean up clippings because they’re scattered really nicely. The lifting action that the blades create and the cutting action of the laser blades is just unmatched by any other mower.”


Low Maintenance and Low Tractor Occupancy
Routine maintenance is another area where Trimax excels. Their machines are designed to spend the least possible time in the workshop and the Snake is no exception. The Pearl Country Club crew appreciates this aspect and as Andy puts it, “There are only a few grease points…and a single belt in each deck too, which is very smart engineering on Trimax’s part.”

Andy also says that as the Snake and the Pegasus are PTO driven machines, “…once the rough is cut, you have the ability to use the tractor for other types of attachments whether it’s the aerifier or verticutter or anything of that nature.”


A Brand with Few Equals
The Pearl Country Club is generally very impressed with their investment in Trimax machines. Here’s how Andy puts it in a nutshell, “I’d say there’s a variety of reasons to purchase a Trimax mower, everything from quality of cut, longevity of the machine, reduced maintenance costs, ah, it’s just unparalleled.”


Find Out More, or Better Still, Book a Free Demo
Visit the Snake S2 page on our website where you can arrange for a free, on site demonstration and find out where your nearest Trimax agent is.

You can also call: +001 770 412 8402




Unlock the mower wings’ transport lock from within the tractor cab using the tractor’s hydraulic remote.



Provides added protection against corrosion. This is especially useful in coastal environments with high salt concentrations or high fertilizer usage.



Align the drawbar with the tractor hitch while maintaining a level chassis with one simple adjustment.



A robust roller with 5/16″-thick walls to handle tough applications.



Trimax’s meticulous design process combined with bespoke, innovative manufacturing technologies produce the most accurate rotary cut in the market.



Able to be paired with tractors as low as 25 hp, perfect for smaller budgets and compact tractors.



Full width front and rear rollers produce beautiful striping.



Anti-wear skids reduce wear on side channels when operating in rough or uneven terrain.



The Remote Unlock option replaces the standard transport lock release rope with an electric actuator. This is operated by a push button within the tractor cab.



Save on purchasing dedicated leaf blowing and collection units with the Snake Mulch Kit. Retrofittable to existing Snake S1 & S2 models.


The Vulcan complies with agricultural standard ISO4254 for protection against thrown objects, blade impacts, blade unbalance and more.



Compacts to 8′ wide for easy transport from farm to farm (refer to local road regulations).



Spacer rings are used to set the height and ergonomically designed handles make it simple for a one-person change in under 15 minutes.



Provides added protection against corrosion. This is especially useful in coastal environments with high salt concentrations or high fertilizer usage.



These solid closed cell, airless formulated tires do not absorb water allowing superior rolling performance, durability, and no punctures.



The Pegasus is fitted with a Duratorque Suspension System capable of highway speeds.



Equipped with a roadworthy chassis and capable of being towed at highway speeds.



Trailing skids made from abrasion-resistant steel extends bearing life and enables productivity in challenging environments.



Front semi-pneumatic caster wheels allow the FlailDek FX to follow ground contours independently from the tractor.



Safety is paramount when mowing in public areas. The FlailDek FX expels debris in a downward direction behind the mower.



Trimax turf tires help distribute the weight of the mower for less ground disturbance.



As the rear deck is located between the rear transport wheels, grass is not flattened by the wheels prior to mowing, a feature unique to Trimax.



Contour-following and cut quality is compromised when decks are over 9′ 10″ wide. The X-WAM features multiple smaller decks for superior cut quality.



The X-WAM uses full hydraulic operation for deck retraction into road transport mode.



All moving surfaces have long life synthetic bushes, or greasable bearings and remote grease points for hassle-free maintenance.



Comes with a standard heavy duty roller, with 1/2″ wall thickness. Suitable for more demanding applications such as roadsides.



SteadFast Sealed Spindles have eliminated the tedious task of regular greasing. Snake now also features maintenance free pivot bushes.



Clearly displayed cut height indicators allow for simple and easy alteration or resetting of cut heights. You can adjust heights without having to raise and lower the wings.


The Trimax Topper has more spindles than comparison shaft driven toppers. These also spin at higher spindle speeds with shorter blade beams. This results in significantly more cuts per forward meter of travel and a much finer clip.



A patent pending stubless roller bearing system for vastly improved retention, bearing life and replacement ease.



Skids on Warlord trailing arms prolong mower life in demanding terrain. The skids can be moved and replaced when required.



Topper spindles are fitted with a unique anti-block mechanism which deters long grass from catching and binding around the spindle restricting movement.



Topping can be used to control poor quality pasture components such as removal of seed-heads and thistles and prevent their reoccurance.



Topper is short front to rear and mounts close to the tractor; allowing the use of smaller tractors. The high underbody clearance and open deck design allows for good flow of grass into the mowing deck and a clean ejection of cut grass.



With only 4 carefully positioned grease points and robust spindles with sealed ball bearings, the Trimax Striker has incredibly low maintenance requirements.



Striker exceeds international safety standards and is backed up by our meticulous testing and support network. Striker is a mower that can be used with confidence even when mowing in confined areas.



Striker incorporates decades of experience with multi-spindled rotary roller mowers. Designed to complement compact tractors, Striker retains the attention to detail that minimizes downtime and makes servicing easy. The cutting system, body integrity and sealed ball bearing spindles have been proven with extensive and rigorous testing.



We’ve eliminated the need to grease the pivot points and our updated spindle technology requires less maintenance and offers greater simplicity. You can spend more time mowing and less time maintaining!



The improved belt chamber design includes front openings, allowing grass to be easily washed or blown out.



Trimax’s unique and protected spindle technology ensures spindle height is perfectly aligned across the length of each deck, providing the most accurate and consistent cut in the market.



To ensure optimum efficiency we’ve reduced the number of grease points by 15%, giving you 35% less maintenance costs than the Trimax Pegasus S3.



We build mowers that last and they’re supported with a 3 year industry leading warranty. Our robust design, coupled with our experienced service and support network, ensures minimum downtime and maximum productivity.



Safety is paramount when mowing in public areas. This is why Trimax has designed the Ezeemow FX to expel debris in a downward direction behind the mower.



Somewhat of an operators dream, these spindles offer extremely low maintenance and remove the regular task of regular greasing. As such, costs are reduced and productivity is enhanced.



Coarseness of mulch is controlled by the height of the rear flap. The finest mulch is produced with the flap in the lowest position, this low dispersion also improves safety in public spaces. Lifting the flap fully open while servicing provides uninhibited access to flails and rotor.


The Warlord S3 can be positioned directly behind the tractor or quickly offset by up to 19″. This feature assists with transport and maneuvering around obstacles.


Helps direct prunings and other foliage into the front aperture of the mower, which would otherwise be too high or wide. It also helps keep debris away from the hydraulic system for protection in challenging environments.


A 1/4″ replaceable internal liner reduces noise and minimizes outer body damage prolonging mower life.


The improved cutting chamber and baffle design directs airflow from the blades out and over the rear roller. This improves cut quality and spread in both long and short grass.



Enables all three mower decks to be raised without disengaging the PTO to traverse driveways, paths and curbs.



Eliminate the need for belt adjustments and improve drive to the spindles blades.


Allows continuous cutting while turning sharply for maximum productivity.



With three articulating decks the Snake has the ability to follow contours with minimal scalping.


Clearly displayed stainless steel height indicators allow for the easy adjustment of cut heights without having to raise or lower the wings.


A large diameter rear roller on the ProCut follows the contours and supports the mower across its entire width, providing excellent anti-scalp protection.


Provides safe and easy access to the rear of the tractor when coupling the mower.



Provides easy access for removal of grass and drainage of water from belt cavity.


Full width rollers on all decks follow the contours of the ground and provide excellent anti-scalp protection. Rollers also allow mowing along the edge of banks or paths, and produces a superb striping effect for those wishing to pattern their turf. Safety is enhanced as rollers contain debris in the cutting chamber.


Clearly displayed cut height indicators allow for simple and easy alteration or resetting of cut heights.


With their unique ’tilt forward’ design, carefully engineered center of gravity and optimized blade thickness, LazerBladez achieve a superior cut and finish. They’re also cost efficient compared to reels or solid blade beams as only the fling-tip requires replacement.



Full width rear roller prevents scalping, permits the edge of the mower to be run along curbs, adds to overall safety and produces striping.



Designed to withstand the toughest environments our new rotor is more durable ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.



When in a downward position the converter creates suction, which lifts grass for a superb cut. For work in heavy grass, lift converter for increased grass intake.



A stubless roller bearing system for vastly improved roller retention, roller alignment, increased bearing life and minimal maintenance. Includes our new increased strength tri-bolt bearing housing.


Trimax Snake Demo Video UK from Trimax Mowing Systems on Vimeo.


With their aerodynamic profile our strong forged steel flails reduce hp requirements, yet generate sufficient updraft for a clean cut.


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