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Auto Belt Tensioners Reduce Snake Maintenance

Trimax Auto Belt

Trimax Mowing Systems have introduced an auto belt tensioning system for the Snake rotary mower, designed to improve performance and cut downtime.

The system ensures that the correct belt tension is always applied during operation thus improving the drive to the spindles.

Now there is no risk of fitting the belts in the incorrect configuration due to the design of the idler arm, and no need to keep checking that belts are tensioned correctly.

Customers are assured this new development will boost productivity and ensure a top-quality cut for which the Snake has become renowned.

Not only is this new system fitted to all new Snake models, but it is also available as a retrofittable kit allowing existing customers to reap the same benefits. Only basic hand tools and a power drill are all that is required to perform this upgrade

Caroline Shaw, European Marketing Manager at Trimax commented: “We’re very excited to launch this new system for the Snake. It is a popular machine that is transforming green areas around the world. As with all new innovations, the auto belt tension system underwent rigorous testing – 100,000,000 cycles to be precise!”

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