At the Turfgrass Producers International Conference in February Trimax Mowing Systems announced that it’s waving a final goodbye to high maintenance stub and roller retention systems and introduced LocTEK – A patent pending stubless roller system unique to Trimax.

The main benefits of LocTEK over the traditional stubbed roller system are:

#1 Vastly Increased Retention and Strength: Traditional stub roller systems have previously secured roller stubs into bearings using grub screws or collar locks and a rapid adhesive, such as Loctite, to bond stubs and bearings together. But this ensemble has long been subject to horizontal loading issues, poor fitment and roller movement which results in roller stub wear, bearing retention issues and other structural damage.

LocTEK does away with these issues completely by using a threaded bolt, inserted though the outside of the side channel and locking the roller, bearing and side channels together. This simple yet innovative system guarantees accurate roller alignment, enhanced roller retention and increased deck strength.

#2 Increased Replacement Ease and Lower Maintenance Costs: LocTEK reduces replacement time by 50%. Prior to LocTEK removing an adhesive-fixed stub from a bearing could often be challenging and time consuming. LocTEK doesn’t require any specialist tools and can be replaced out in the field in as little as 15 minutes, previous stubbed roller systems can take up to 30 minutes. A full mower bearing replacement for a Trimax Pegasus fitted with LocTEK saves the user 1.5 hours in replacement time compared to traditional systems.

Where some traditional systems require the purchase of a full new roller or a cumbersome cap to replace a stub or bearing, LocTEK is comprised of independent parts that can be purchased separately. This means just the desired part can be acquired, providing significant cost savings.

#3 Increased Bearing Life: One of the most common life span-shortening factors for bearings is stub misalignment which causes excessive force on the bearing. This increased load wears out bearing components prematurely and increases replacement frequency. By removing the stub LocTEK has fully eliminated this issue and as a result bearings suffer less stress and last significantly longer.

LocTEK uses market proven, high quality, bearings which have been subject to years of Trimax in-field testing. To further aide bearing longevity LocTEK also provides added protection against water damage through a clever convex ridge on the end of the LocTEK rollers. The ridge prohibits water running down a vertical roller in transport mode and reaching or pooling around the bearing.

“The challenge we’ve all got regardless of brand is that servicing a roller mower with a stub can be complicated. Stubs need to be clean, adhesives need to be used, a given sequence of replacement needs to be followed, and if not maintained regularly or correctly we see worn stubs and compromised retention. Our LocTEK system eliminates all of that, it’s fool-proof!” says Bob Sievwright, Trimax Owner and Founder.

LocTEK is now being produced on all Trimax Pegasus and ProCut mowers can be purchased as a retrofit system specifically developed for conversions of stubbed bearing systems on the Pegasus S4 and ProCut S3 models.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Trimax LocTEK video to be released shortly on our website and social media pages – in the meantime to learn more about LocTEK or any other Trimax mowing innovations contact our Georgia based sales team on 770 412 8402.

New Zealand Pat. App. 737217
Australian Pat. App. 2016250934
UK Pat. App. 1718763.4
US Pat. App. 15/567,875

Trimax LocTek Stubless Roller Retention System

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