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Trimax Mowers Expands USA Factory to Manufacture 90% of Mowers Sold in the US

New Trimax US Facility

Trimax Mowing Systems undertook a significant factory expansion during 2023 to enhance local manufacturing capabilities. With a strategic focus on meeting the growing demands of Trimax’s largest sales market, over 90% of US sold mowers, including flagship products the Trimax Snake, Pegasus, and Vulcan are now manufactured and shipped from Fayetteville, Georgia.

During an interview with Trimax’s CEO Michael Sievwright and COO Gareth Fergus, they articulated the strategic rationale for the factory expansion. They highlighted the company’s intent to bolster the local economy and leverage the abundant pool of skilled workers. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of meeting customer demand for locally manufactured products. “By expanding our USA factory, we’re meeting market demands and reinforcing our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction”.

The factory upgrades include almost tripling the area of the plant, as well as significant investment into the latest manufacturing technologies and the employment and training of a local workforce to operate and run the facility.

Setting up a self-sufficient local manufacturing plant is no easy feat, it requires a localized supply chain of materials and components. “Our team have been hard at work, building strong relationships with local companies who supply raw materials or components. All inbound materials need to pass our high-quality standards and we’re confident we’ve found the right partners who share our passion for producing premium products”, said Gareth Fergus.

One of the new technologies introduced has been a two-step powder coating system. Through significant testing undertaken by Trimax, powder coating has proved to provide a consistent finish that lasts much longer in the demanding conditions our products operate in.

The location of the Fayetteville factory was strategically selected back in 2019 due to the areas well-known reputation as a transportation hub. Fayetteville’s proximity to the greater Atlanta area has enabled Trimax to draw on a large local supply of talented staff. “The large pool of skilled workers has already paid dividends in the quality of the product leaving the factory”, said Gareth.

Trimax’s investment in local manufacturing has also allowed Trimax to remove international shipping delays, significantly reducing lead times. “We’ve had a fairly well managed supply chain over the last few years, this saw us able to provide product at fairly short notice throughout the covid period, which other manufacturers couldn’t. We’ve now doubled down, further reducing lead times with these factory improvements”.

Trimax takes pride in being locally manufactured, evident in the updated branding and “Made in the USA” decals you’ll find on the equipment. With the recent establishment of the new factory, the Trimax team is enthusiastic about fulfilling their core values by delivering high-quality products that are now locally manufactured and supported in the USA.

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