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Trimax Snake S2 – Powering Performance in Hawaii

Powering Performance in Hawaii
Sunny, beautiful, tropical Hawaii is often touted as the next best thing to paradise. For surfers, golfers and holidaymakers, this may be true; but what if you’re a golf course manager tasked with keeping a championship course in pristine condition, week in and week out – like Andy Hagar of Pearl Country Club in Aiea, Oahu, Hawaii?

Andy has over six kilometers, or nearly four miles, of fairways and the accompanying tee complexes, roughs and hazards to take care of.

Luckily Andy has found the solution with effective, reliable equipment that performs day after day.

The Swiss Army Knife of Mowers

There is nothing overtly complicated about mowing grass, but golf courses present a range of challenges that can create time-consuming difficulties and costly repair bills if your equipment isn’t up to the job.

Mowing over rough patches, avoiding scalping on undulating terrain, mowing up to the edges of lakes and bunkers, tight around trees and over roots and fallen branches can all be done with one mower if it has been designed with these obstacles in mind.

Clippings, the inevitable by-product of mowing, can also be dealt with by a mower with the correct blade set-up and venting. Having very fine clippings, dispersed by the mower prevents clogging of the machine and the need to follow up with blowers. This saves time and labor and opens the fairways for a play that much faster.

The Art of Simple

Trimax Mowing systems produce just such machines and they are not complicated. In fact, they are models of simple effectiveness that have their owners raving about their endurance, low maintenance needs, low costs and ease of operation; but most of all they rave about the very high-quality finish they give.

Over thirty years of experience and the art of listening closely to their customers are behind the often-ingenious solutions Trimax has invented from scratch or developed from existing concepts and built into all their products.

Andy Hagar – Director of Golf Course Operations, Pearl Country Club, Hawaii

The Pearl Country Club, which overlooks Pearl Harbor, hosted the Pro Open Golf Tournament for 35 years. Although the Tournament last took place in February 2013, the course is still maintained to the highest standards.

In 2017, the club was in the market for new mowers to maintain their four miles of fairways and the surrounding terrain.

Andy explains why they decided to order a Trimax Snake S2 and a 16ft Pegasus. “We always try…to be careful how we spend our money. And with the Trimax mowers, we’re able to have a reliable rough-cutting unit that’s not going to break down, that’s not going to cost a lot to repair and can get the job done.”

On how the move has worked out for them after two years, he says, “It’s worked out great, I know our mechanic is really happy with the equipment. I believe we’ve changed the belts and some bearings, it’s always ready to go, it hasn’t let us down.”

Self-Protection Built In

The Trimax Snake S2 is a particularly agile mower, which means it does a better job of maintaining the roughs in less time than with other makes of machine.

The design also protects the blades and spindles from damage when working on rough ground. In Andy’s words, “We have a lot of mature trees here and some exposed tree roots on the golf course. Any other mower would get destroyed but the Trimax Snake and the Pegasus, with the big rollers, protects the blades and can really handle some rough terrain and still give you a great quality of cut.”

The Cuts not Over ‘til the Clippings are Sorted

While the quality of the cut is one thing, what happens to the clippings is another. Andy, like all golf club managers using Trimax mowers, is impressed with how clippings are simply not a problem. “The distribution of clippings is much better than most typical mowers. Many times we don’t even have to run a blower behind the Trimax to clean up clippings because they’re scattered really nicely. The lifting action that the blades create and the cutting action of the laser blades is just unmatched by any other mower.”

Low Maintenance and Low Tractor Occupancy

Routine maintenance is another area where Trimax excels. Their machines are designed to spend the least possible time in the workshop and the Snake is no exception. The Pearl Country Club crew appreciates this aspect and as Andy puts it, “There are only a few grease points…and a single belt in each deck too, which is very smart engineering on Trimax’s part.”

Andy also says that as the Snake and the Pegasus are PTO driven machines, “…once the rough is cut, you have the ability to use the tractor for other types of attachments whether it’s the aerifier or verticutter or anything of that nature.”

A Brand with Few Equals

The Pearl Country Club is generally very impressed with their investment in Trimax machines. Here’s how Andy puts it in a nutshell, “I’d say there’s a variety of reasons to purchase a Trimax mower, everything from quality of cut, longevity of the machine, reduced maintenance costs, ah, it’s just unparalleled.”

Find Out More, or Better Still, Book a Free Demo

Visit the Snake S2 page on our website where you can arrange for a free, on site demonstration and find out where your nearest Trimax agent is.

You can also call: +001 770 412 8402  

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